Waconia Men's Beer League Hockey
"You miss 100% of the Tequila shots you never take"

2018 Summer Legue Champion

Welcome to "Waconia Women's Beer League Hockey Association"

Get out the old Koho straight stick and spring for a fresh skate sharpening on the ole gliders!

It is time for some HIGH QUALITY men's league hockey at the Waconia Ice Arena! 

Waconia Men's Beer League Hockey Association (WMBLHA) knows your free time and leisure activities are important to you and they couldnt be better served playing the greatest game on earth (HOCKEY), so get off the couch and lets GO!!!

The WMBLHA has been providing guy's with the opportunity to release the stress' of every day life with a competitive level of hockey for almost every level of player. After wards, the league provides what you would expect from every beer league hockey experience, and that is the chance to breakdown the game that was, the game that will be, and more importantly, those games from your dark past when you dominated the neighborhood ponds like a breast! 

Started in 2008 by Waconia's own Chad Bijou, also referred to as the "Legend", "Commish", "Cappy", "Half-Ass", "Sketchy", "Slacker", "BIG Richard" and many other noteworthy nicknames over the years. He has also leaped from small curbs, walked to school into the wind and up hill both ways and most notably called Chuck Norris a swear word and lived!!!

Chad designed the league to be free of glitter, glamor and high priced fee's along with providing a fun, affordable way to get great exercise skating in our own beautiful backyard and playing the game we love soo much!

Top 10 leading reasons to join WWBLHA:

  1. Drink more BEER or WINE!!!
  2. Dog ate your homework as a kid
  3. Time away from the Husband, Boyfriend or our significant other
  4. Cat peed on your hockey bag
  5. Throw down the mitt's with a complete stranger
  6. Short term memory loss
  7. Get out a little pent up anger
  8. Have trouble sleeping at work
  9. ADD, ADHD
  10. Enjoy spreading sauce 
  11. Money burning a hole in your breezers
  12. Experiencing short term memory loss

The league is now run and operated by another local crazy by the name of "Chris Beckwith" and he has been a very important part of the WMBLHA over the years watching rubber fly past him at low rates of speed day in and day out since 2011, He is also our own resident statistician in the net (he can't count goals against), on the ice (he can't count how many minutes he has been out there) and on the bench (he has never heard of a minus for himself).  

At the end of the skate it's all about the chips and the beer! 


Summer League Details,

We play most Wednesday nights from 8:45pm  from May through the end of August. No ref's, no checking!  $250 per skater and benches are limited to keep the game moving.  Throw sticks in the middle and play some pond style hockey with a beer afterwards.

Thanks to our awesome sponsorsChumly's Hometown Bar