Waconia Beer League Hockey
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Welcome to "Waconia Women's Beer League Hockey Association"

Welcome to "Waconia Women’s Beer League Hockey Association"! We are a hockey club for women ages 18+ of ALL skill levels.


Did you play hockey? Have you always wanted to try? Have you ever sat on the edge of your seat and reached forward during a game, like you could grab that puck? (Just me, huh?) Well, we have a league for you!


Don't be shy, if you want to try, contact us for more info. Many women have started as adults. It's a fun journey.


League Details:

We play every Wednesday night at 8:45 pm from May 6th until August 26th.  Wear the right amount of equipment for you:

·         Skates, gloves, helmet-definitely

·         Stick-it will help if you want to score

·         Shin pads-highly recommended

·         Breezers, shoulder pads, elbow pads-Recommended but it is up to you!


Remember, no checking and no refs. Jerseys are supplied and teams will be assigned by throwing sticks in the middle.


$150 to play (17 games and Includes the jersey)


All are invited to join us before the game at Chumly’s where some of us (me) will be preparing by having some liquid, pre-game courage.

~Angela B

Thanks to our awesome sponsorsChumly's Hometown Bar