Waconia Beer League Hockey
"You miss 100% of the Tequila shots you never take"
Winter Hockey

 If you are mailing a check or planning to pay in person, please email chrisjbeckwith@yahoo.com, so we can get your registration completed for the season.
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 Registration is not complete, until we have received payment and emailed your confirmation.

Cost for Winter League:

$250 (approx. 26 games) for Monday (which is full for the 2023-2024 Season )


On-line Payment is now OPEN for 2023-2024 Winter Hockey League!!!


Cost for Winter League is $250 (approx. 26 games) per night. Price is per player with a max of 32 skaters. This is first come, first serve. Once I have 32 player, I will shut down web access.


Winter League Details:

Thursday night at 10:00pm from October 1st through March 25th.

No ref's, no checking! 

The benches are limited to keep the game moving. 

We will throw sticks in the middle and play pond style hockey with beer afterwards.

Additional Notes on Payment:

Payments must be received to confirm your spot and be eligible to play. Once registration is full, it will be posted on the website and the PayPal will be turned off. 

The preferred method of payment for the WMBLHA is PayPal (now activate). This is an easier way to pay for you tech savvy guys, and an easy way for me to manage this wonderful group of guys.

Cash is still accepted, but frowned upon greatly... ok, just kidding, but maybe a little bit.

Thanks to everyone for a highly successful beer league experience!